The JayCee Dental Creations team is proud to offer valuable services to all our clients. These services are provided to help ensure the highest level of success for every case. In addition, our team of experts is available to work with you to achieve high patient satisfaction.

Reline & Repair

Has your patient’s denture broken, or is it no longer fitting correctly? You can rely on the JayCee Dental Creations team to fix either of these issues quickly and efficiently through our reline and repair services. Your patient’s happiness depends on being able to use their denture. Going without their prosthesis will cause embarrassment and frustration. Alleviate these issues quickly with our team.

Guided Surgery

If you are faced with a complex implant case, the JayCee Dental Creations team will assist you with comprehensive case planning and guided surgery. One of our expert technicians will work with you throughout the treatment and surgery to help you determine the best course of action based on the specifics of your case to achieve the ideal outcome. Our guided surgery service is backed by surgical guides and innovative digital dentistry programs.

Custom Shade Matching

JayCee Dental Creations’ shade matching service means your patients will be absolutely satisfied with the appearance of their restoration. We understand even the slightest shade disparity can mean the difference between confidence restoring or embarrassing restoration. JayCee Dental Creations¬†can create any custom shade for complex color matching cases. We select the initial shade and provide any follow-up customization in-lab if needed.